“It was my first time opting to go for acupuncture and just after the first session, I could feel the difference…” (read more Testimonials here)

Making a positive difference to your health from your very first visit is what we’re all about. Whether this is the first time you’ve tried acupuncture or the 100th, we want you to leave your session smiling and feeling so much better. 

We specialise in relieving pain, relaxing stiffness, removing spasms and releasing frozen muscles while invigorating your immune system.

To book your appointment, please call Joseph or Ellen at 027 268 4168 or email everhealthy@ymail.com. We look forward to meeting you!

Want to know more about what to expect during your first visit? Read about how our “Four Point” Initial Consultation gets to the heart of your problem.

Interested in learning more about our treatments? Find out more about how the ancient healing arts of acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion are more effective than ever for modern times.

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Clinical Excellence - Best & first place to go
Jan 09, 2018 by Olivia

Joseph & Ellen are delivering more than clinical excellence. They are delivering a unique and complete approach combining experience, knowledge, passion and love for what they are doing.
To anyone, whether suffering from minor injuries, more severe health issues, or wanting a general health improvement, do not hesitate to contact Jospeh & Ellen! It can be life changing!

I visited Joseph for several injuries (back & leg joint pain). Thorough and detailed oriented during each session, Joseph treated me for my back and joint pain. He also uncovered other related injuries,health issues which he treated as well. After one session, I could already see a phenomenal improvement!

Thanks to his detailed and unique acupuncture approach, my back felt like new, my joint pain and other injuries were healing at an incredible paste!

I’m glad I directly contacted Joseph & Ellen. While medication would’ve had a “superficial” effect on the symptoms/pain on a short term basis, acupuncture treated the heart of the problem on a long term basis.

Thank you so much to Ever Healthy for the professionalism, attention to detail, kindness, patience, and effective treatment!

Should you live in Auckland or visit NZ, do not hesitate! Call Ever Healthy!

Best place to go
Dec 06, 2017 by Michelle Kim

I visited Joseph for my left knee pain that I have injured during plyo-cardio exercise session. I was very disappointed when I injured my knee as I was not able to run or walk as I used to. I love playing touch rugby, but I was not performing well due to my left knee pain. Joseph provided thorough consultation, with a great detail. After 2 sessions my knee pain was completely gone and Im able to run fast and jump high. I could feel the passion in his heart which is very rare and I love it. He has high attention to detail and spotted the deformation in my left feet - it has only been 5 visits and I saw a massive improvement. I would like to recommend everyone in NZ and the rest of the world to see Joseph if they have any concerns in general health or specific area. You will see your life changing 🙂

Pain FREE at last.
Oct 14, 2015 by Malcolm

6 Months after major spinal surgery having 4 discs removed and 12 screws inserted, still in amazing pain, can`t think, bad attitude due to no sleep and far too much medication that doesn`t work, my physio sent me to Joseph. After being up most nights from 2 am on-wards, living on 4 hours sleep and 3 to 4 Heavy pain killers daily and topping them up frequently with even more powerful pain medication, after the first treatment I had the best full nights sleep I`ve had for months. My wife was very happy. After 2 sessions I stopped taking nightly pain killers, that didn\'t work any way, after third session I have stopped taking them first thing in the morning, now down to 1 maybe 2 a day.
2 weeks ago I never thought this would be possible.
Pain has settled, attitude has improved, I sleep almost every night now without medication, that on its own is wonderful.
I now look forward to a happy healthy recovery and a better life.
Thank you both to Joseph for your amazing treatment & physio for sending me to Ever Healthy.
At last my life is improving.

Jul 11, 2015 by John Koning

Last Sunday morning I awoke with the most excruciating sciatica down my right leg, so bad that I couldn`t even walk properly..approximately 6 weeks prior I`d hurt my back lifting a fully laden wheel barrow down a flight of stairs..I under went chiropractic manipulation and had five sessions and the pain in my back was still causing me problems, so the sciatica was and is associated..well I`ve always been a believer in chiropractic medicine, however this time it didn`t come through for myself.
So on Sunday not being able to find a chiropractic clinic available I decided on acupuncture..I found Joseph Wang on the web and decided to give acupuncture a whirl as it were.
After my very first session at 1430 5th July 2015 at Joseph Wang`s rooms; after an hour treatment I walked out without any pain..it was nothing short of a miracle..finally found a treatment provider for my health and well being that actually works..bliss and happiness no drugs no painful manipulation so only his miraculous little needles and wow do they do their work..it`s been a week later after four one hour treatments and am literally a new person I am almost 60 yo and for the past ten years haven`t been able to to touch my toes without bending my knees, I am now able to undertake this task with ease..on my third treatment Joseph commenced treatment on my right shoulder where for several years now would wake up in the morning to my right shoulder being a series of pins and needles numbness right down to the tips of my fingers..guess what no more of that ailment either thanx to Joseph`s superb acupuncture..on the third visit to Joseph, a start was made for me to quit smoking...wow does it work? Yes beyond a shadow of doubt it\'s amazing.. I haven`t as quit however have cut down my smoking habit and addiction to 5 fags a day from 25 a huge accomplishment for me...yup no craving for a fag as I always used to, this is absolutely amazing all with much appreciated thankfulness to Joseph Wang...His acupuncture medicine comes highly recommended by my own experiences...John Koning..

Great Relief
Sep 02, 2014 by Shyam Shukla

I went to Joseph for acupuncture 2 days on 31/08/2014 , as I was having severe pain on my back of the head neck and shoulder. He did treat me in 2 sessions and its almost clear and relieved. Highly recommended.

Ever Healthy Clinic +6494448939 19 Windy Ridge Rd. Glenfield Auckland , 0629 NZ 5.0 5.0 5 5 Joseph & Ellen are delivering more than clinical excellence. They are delivering a unique and complete approach combining experience, knowledge, passion and love for what they are