Our “Four Point” Initial Consultation

“If you feel pain, then there is something blocking the normal healthy flow within your body. We apply ancient healing techniques to restore a clear flow. When that happens, you experience physical and emotional ease and fresh strength that you can take into all areas of your life.”

If you’ve ever sat in a crowded medical centre’s “waiting room” and then had a short impersonal “interview” with a doctor, then you’ll find visiting our cozy home clinic a welcome change.

When you arrive for your first appointment, you can expect a warm greeting and a sympathetic, compassionate approach that gets to the heart of the problem that brought you to us.

We gear everything we do to help you feel better as soon as possible and to keep you feeling that way.

After taking a few personal details, we follow a “Four Point” Initial Consultation based on a traditional diagnostic method that is thousands of years old.

  1. We use our eyes to observe your overall health as well as specific areas, such as your tongue.
  2. We use our voice to ask questions about your general medical history and specifically about what brought you to us.
  3. We use our ears and other senses to listen carefully and without prejudice.
  4. We use our hands and fingers to “listen” to your pulse, energy flow and areas of pain, discomfort and blockage.

It’s different to what you would find in a Western medical clinic but we like to think it is so much more effective.

We aim to relieve the symptoms and cure the underlying cause.

We then discuss together a treatment plan and a time-frame so you can budget your time and money.

Once you agree, we then start treatment. Based on your needs, this may be based on acupuncture, cupping, massage, moxibustion (or a combination of all these.)